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It is our privilege to let you know that BCA is a 250-strong group of companies/organizations and entrepreneurs who have business interests in or with West/Central, East and Southern Africa. Some of its members in Europe include Standard Chartered Bank, Unilever, Taylor Woodrow, Shell, Pricewaterhouse, KPMG, to name but a few. The Council is a not-for-profit organization, limited by guarantee. The branch in Ghana now comprises over 100 members.

The objective of the Council is to assist its members to transact business successfully to the benefit of both the members and the countries in which they are active. This is achieved through various means, as outlined in our member benefits section.

A reference to a great piece of writing by the famous French politician and writer, Alexis de Tocqueville, who, traveling in the United States as a visitor in the early 19th Century, wrote:

“Americans of all ages, all stations of life, and all types of dispositions are forever forming associations”

De Tocqueville saw associations as a major stepping-stone to democracy, and, one may add, especially so, in this modern era, when many countries in Africa are trying so hard to adapt their transition economies to free market, democratic principles and rule of law.

BCA has a role to play in this “Cause of the Millennium” and needs your support to have the VOICE to do the job to the benefit of your organization’s progress, your personal development and economic growth in the sub-region.

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Please note that the document above contains membership subscription fees as well as other relevant member information.